Our group can be hired for providing bhangra and bollywood performances and teaching dance workshops.  We are most often booked for cultural events, festivals, fundraisers, special school programs for kids, parties, and weddings.  Our schedule is usually pretty busy, so please contact us as far ahead of time as you can!


Past Events for 2020

1. 31st January, Friday- Bellevue youth Theater- Unity through Diversity- 7:00pm

2. 8th March, 2020- Seattle Symphony- Celebrate Asia- 5:30pm

Past Events for 2019

1.Saturday,19th Jan- MLK Celebration - 8:15pm- Bellingham

2.Sunday,27thJan- 6:00pm- Celebrate Asia- Seattle Symphony

3.April,20th Saturday- 12:15pm- Issaquah Highlands 

4. April, 27th Saturday- 12:15pm- Coal Creek YMCA

 5.June, 14th Friday- University of Washington- Tacoma- 6:15pm

6.June, 22nd Saturday- Vegetarian Festival- Redmond downtown park- 1:30pm 

7.July, 17th Wednesday- 11:00am- Kitsap Library

8.July,21st Sunday- 10:30am - Sammamish State Park

9.July, 28th Sunday- Bellevue Art Festival- 3:00pm - Bellevue Square Mall

10. July, 28th Sunday- Anandamela - Redmond, WA

11. Aug, 22nd Thursday- Redmond Downtown Park- 7:30pm

12.5th Oct, Saturday - Sammamish City Hall- 3:00pm

13. 19th Oct, Saturday- Bellevue Square Mall- Diwali Celebration- 1:30pm

14. 9th Nov, Saturday- Coal Creek YMCA- Diwali Celebration - 10:45am.

15.16th Nov, Saturday- Seattle Art Museum Diwali- 12:00noon

 16. 8th Dec, Sunday- Bellevue Library- Holiday Celebration- 3:30pm




Past Events for 2018

Sunday, 11th Feb- Celebrating Asia- Seattle Symphony  

 March, 17th Saturday- 6:30pm- International Women's Day Celebration- Interlake High School, Bellevue, WA

 March, 21st Friday- Seattle Elementary School Auction

March, 24th Saturday- HOLI event at Marymoor Park 

April,21st Saturday- Bellingham, WA

 April,29th Sunday- Burien Library 

 May,10th Thursday - Seattle Pacific University- 7:00pm

   May, 25th Friday- North West Folk Life- 5:30pm

  June, 2nd Saturday- Sacajawea Elementary School- 3:30pm

  June, 2nd Saturday- Rising Star Dance competition- 5:00pm

  June, 4th Monday- University of Washington-Tacoma- 5:00pm

June, 16th Saturday- Juneteenth Event- Bellingham-7:00pm

  June, 23rd Saturday- Strawberry Festival- 5:45pm

   June, 23rd Saturday- Kent Library- 2:30pm

 July, 22nd Sunday- 11:00am- Sammamish State Park 

 July, 28th Saturday- 2:30pm- BAAM Festival - Bellevue, WA

 Aug,4th Saturday- Vashon Island

Aug,14th Tuesday- 5:30pm- Olympic Sculpture Park, Seattle

 Sep,29th Saturday- Skagit Valley College- 5:00pm

 Oct,6th Saturday- Bellevue Hilton- NAMI Fund raising event- 10:45am

. Oct, 20th Saturday- SAM Diwali Ball- 8:00pm

 Oct,27th Saturday- Bellingham- 6:00pm

 Nov, 2nd Friday- West Seattle YMCA- 7:00pm

  Nov, 3rd Saturday- Diwali Family Event at SAM- 12:00noon 

 Nov, 3rd Saturday- Bellevue Square Mall - Diwali Celebration

  Nov, 11th Sunday- Coal Creek YMCA- 1:00pm

 Nov,11th Sunday-Bhartiyam- Bellevue High School- 4:30pm

 December, 9th -Sunday- Bellevue Public Library- 3:00pm

Festivals and Cultural Events

Northwest Folklife Festival
Bellevue Strawberry Festival
Marysville Strawberry Festival
International Friendship Festival
Ananda Mela
Sanatan Dharma Temple and Cultural Center
Indian Association of Western Washington
Arts Of India, Des Moines
Federation of Indian-American Assoc. of WA

Diwali, Lohri, Teeyan, etc. 


Seattle Art Museum
Seattle Asian Art Museum
Washington Athletic Club
Seattle Men's Chorus
Seattle Sports Club
Bellevue Art Museum

Latest Previous events:

Kids, Education, Outreach, and Fundraising

Bellevue Open Window School
Medina Elementary School
Bothell Regional Library
Bellingham Technical College
Northwest Folklife Fundraiser Gala
Seattle Pacific University
Global Trauma Intervention
Amrita Seattle
Shoreline Arts Festival
Lake Forest Arts Festival